Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adoption Photo Album!

As part of the dossier that we sent to our agency (and will be sent to Korea) for our adoption, I needed to create a photo album all about our family. This will remain in our adoption file in Korea so it can be viewed by the birthmother or birthfather so they can see the family that their daughter will be placed with. This project was totally up my alley and I was really excited about it! However, as much as I love to scrapbook, I really struggled getting started with it. I think I had put so much pressure on myself to want it to be "perfect" for our daughter's birthmother, I kept myself from just doing it. I did finally dig in and finish it and was pleased with the results. I hope our daughter's mother will know how much love was put into it. It is such a small token of the appreciation and admiration I have for this woman I may never meet.

The back cover was dedicated to her. It simply says "To a mother I may never meet, but will pray for daily. God bless."