Sunday, June 29, 2008

WHOO-HOO!! I made the TEAM!!

I made the team at Crop Addict!

Wow... when I got the call, all I heard was "we would like to offer you a position on our design team... blah... blah blah... blah... blah....." Sort of like the teacher on Snoopy. Everything after the words "design team" were a blur. LOL!

I'm so very excited! My term officially starts July 1 and I should be receiving my August kit this week! I have no idea what will be in it, but based on their other kits, I'm sure it will be awesome! I just can't wait to start scrapping!! I'll be stalking the postman soon!

It will be sad to say good-bye to the design team at Addicted Scrappers (my term will end July 1)- I have really enjoyed my time there and will still be sure to stop by and say hi.

So... a new chapter begins! I can't wait to get to know all the girls at Crop Addict! WHOO-HOO!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Card Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!

So... have you seen the new challenge blog called "I Inspire Me" yet? It is such a fun place to go for inspiration.... inspiration all around you. The blog says:
Yep, I inspire me!
And YOU INSPIRE YOU!! Look around you. Your home. Your couch. Your colors. All your tastes are already there. In your clothing, jewelry, dishes, displays. This is a scrapbook challenge where YOU are your own inspiration.
I love this new blog and have already been doing just that the last few months. Getting inspiration from all around me! I created some fun cards this past year inspired by things I've seen around my house.

My first card was inspired by scrapbook packaging! I found a package of "Imaginesce" brand brads with a great logo of overlapping circles and it provided me a perfect inspiration for my card! I used clear colored buttons to recreate the overlapping circle shape and create a flower on the card! It was fun!

Another card I did this year was inspired from the cover of a set of Bibles. I noticed that the design was perfect for a card! The spine on this Bible set had a pattern on top, a solid on bottom, and a line with a square element dividing them. How perfect! I used a kit from Addicted Scrappers to recreate the design with patterned paper, cardstock, ribbon and the chipboard embellishments! It worked perfectly!

So the next time you've lost your mojo... just look around. You might be surprised at what you find!

Cleaning! UGH!!

OK... I have to admit that I cannot find my scrapbook desk.

I've looked... and I'm sure its where I left it, but somehow the piles of patterned papers, brads, flowers, paints, sandpaper, stacks of chipboard, pens, unsent cards, cardstock in every color, bags of new purchases, tools, stamps, ink pads, staplers and kits... have... well... covered it somehow.

Its time. I know. I've been putting off the inevitable. I've moved my scrapbooking to the dining room table and have started storing scrapbook products in our downstairs office.

Its time to rescue my room.

Time to send in the search party.

So here goes... if you don't hear from me soon... please send help!! LOL!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Advertising + Inspiration = Ad-Spiration!!

I was looking at the Pottery Barn Kids website (which has great design inspirations on it!) and came across this baby quilt. I loved the handstitching around the edges of the truck and thought it would make a great stitching idea on a layout!

I immediately thought of the large felt dinosaur that came in the Addicted Scrappers June "Dino" kit and handstitched around the edges of it. It added a perfect "handmade" detail to him and really made the dinosaur stand out. This is an easy handstitching and didn't take long to do. You could use this handstitching around any felt object, cardboard, paper or on the edges of a layout for a unique look. Try it!

So... the next time you need some inspiration, check out some of the online catalogs like Pottery Barn. Even things as simple as quilts, bedding, pillows or furniture could be your next "ad-spiration"!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Addicted Scrapper June Creations!

Here are a few birthday cards I made with the June Addicted Scrapper "Dino" kit. I love the felt Fancy Pants pieces that came with the kit. Perfect for cards... especially boy cards!! I used the Jenni Bowlin BINGO board as a background and colored the #6 on the one card since this is for a 6th birthday and the #3 on the other card for a 3rd birthday! TFL!

World Traveler??

Perhaps not.

But I thought this was such a cool feature! I found it on another blog and just had to go check it out for myself. I have traveled much of the United States, done a few mission trips in Honduras and Dominican Republic and cruised to Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Caymen Islands, and Haiti. When you look at how big the world is, this doesn't seem like much! I've just shaded in my corner of North America for sure!

World Traveler
Make yours @
Make yours @

I have faired a little better in the United States. My family and I always traveled on vacations growing up and many of the states we have a least driven through. Now... if I could only get to Hawaii.... hmmm..... need to fill in those blanks, ya know!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Couple sneak peaks...

I was so excited when I found out the June "Dino" kit at Addicted Scrappers was going to have the Basic Grey "archaic" papers! I was even more thrilled to find some great boy papers and rub-ons from Kaiser in it. Its definitely an ALL-BOY kit! But I love it!

Ironically, I made a journal for a GIRL teacher at school. She will be taking a year off to travel in Oregon and I wanted to make her a travel-themed journal. The kit worked perfect! I also altered a wooden letter "K" for my son Kolby's room. I LOVE how it turned out! I used a little cardboard to give it a distressed look and Basic Grey and Kaiser papers. A cool trick I did was put the rub-on onto transparency to keep it clear! Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Semi-Finalist at Cocoa Daisy!

So... I decided to give it a try.

I tried out for the DT at Cocoa Daisy last month. The girls trying out were absolutely AMAZING! There were almost 60 people who applied and I was blown away by the talent in the gallery! You can imagine my absolute delight when although I didn't make the team, I was one of the top 10! Whoo-Hoo!! That made my day! She even listed us on her blog!! Thanks Tricia!