Friday, March 21, 2008

20 Pound Mark!!

Whoo-Hoo! Just hit the 20 lb mark in my weight loss! YIPPEE! Its such a nice milestone and I'm very proud of myself. Can't wait to do some summer clothes shopping!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Melting Away

I cannot believe we had almost 50 degree weather today! Especially after hitting record snowfalls this winter season. Our district had 6 snowdays this year! WOW! It was only a week ago that we finally had an entire 5 day week of school since Christmas break!!

Anyways, I loved this winter. It reminded me of the winters I grew up with as a kid. The kind that ALWAYS had lots of fluffy snowfall, plenty of snow for forts and snowman and lasted well into late March and April. It was a very nostalgic season! It was fun to share the snowdays with the boys and we had a lot of fun in all the snow! The boys even sledded down the backporch stairs!! I love this picture of the two of them. It makes me smile every time I see it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bell Ringing Boys

My boys were both in my cousin's wedding this weekend. They were bellringers and rang the bells to announce the entrance of the bride. It was so cute! Carson (5 years old) had been talking about it for weeks. Since I was playing for the wedding and my husband was singing, we could not be in the back of the church to coax them down the aisle. To make it worse, we found out 10 minutes before the wedding started that Kolby had fallen asleep on my Dad... I'm talking the mostly-unconscious- drooling-all-over-grandpa's- shoulder-nothing-is-going-to-wake-me- up kind of a sleep. Oh boy. I thought that was it. I figured Carson would be the only one coming down the aisle, but miraculously my incredible sister-in-law Jill and my Mom managed to wake him up, get a bell in his hand and send him down the aisle! It was so precious. There were my two boys holding hands, ringing bells and looking more beautiful than anything! They were so cute in their matching outfits with red ties and black vests. It is a sight I will never forget!

Now Kolby held it together until the very end of the aisle. Carson walked up next to the other groomsmen and Kolby stood at the end of the aisle with a look of horror on his face and let out a wail of "Mmmmoooooommmmyy"! Then saw me by the piano, started crying and came running to me. Even that was cute! My Mom rescued him though and all was well!! Great wedding. Great memories!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

LITTLE black dress

Ok... so I had to go shopping for a new little black dress...

I have a wedding coming up this weekend that I'm actually playing for, but after trying on some of my dresses... I discovered a "horrible" dilemma... they were TOO BIG!! Now, granted... I was totally weeping over that aspect... yah right... I mean.. come on... its not everyday that I can lay out epirical evidence to my hubby as to why I MUST ABSOLUTELY go shopping... that SERIOUSLY... I have nothing to wear!!! hee hee hee...

So... I headed out to the mall. After perusing every store, I stumbled on the perfect little black dress. Now I must say I love the cut of it, the style, the little bit of beaded embellishments, the hint of cleavage... but what I fell in love with was something surprising.... THE TAG! Not the brand name... it could have been created by my five year old and I still would have loved it... it was the SIZE ON THE TAG!! It probably could have been the ugliest dress in the store and I still would have bought it just because of the SIZE!! LOL!

The coolest thing is that it is actually HALF of the size I was wearing 7 weeks ago when I started the Biggest Loser competition! HALF!! Now unfortunately, it is inbred into a woman's genes when she is still in the womb that you NEVER under any circumstances reveal your pant size (well... unless you're a size 2), so you're not going to get that lucky... but you can do the math. HALF! Ya know... like hypothetically speaking if I was a size 15/16 I'd be a size 8 now... or if I was a size 11/12 I'd be a 6... you get the point. I'm so excited! Can't wait to show it off Saturday!!

Lots of Cards!! (AS March kit)

This is an AMAZING kit! Ok... seriously... I think it may be my new favorite from Addicted Scrappers! Making Memories "Sophia" line... I just can't put it down! I've been terribly busy this week, so haven't had a chance to dig in and do any layouts yet, but have been getting tons of cards done this week. Everything coordinates and goes together so easily! I love all the different looks and creations I'm getting! Thanks for looking!

More Projects from the February Kit!

Here are a few more projects I did with the Addicted Scrappers February kit- "Hey Sugar"! What a fun kit! Very versatile! It was easy to do both girly projects (which I don't get to do too often!) and boyish projects! Still playing with this one!!