Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Top 9!

Whew! I made it to the next round of the American Idol contest! This week's challenge was a real "doozy"!! It really stretched me. In fact when I first saw the challenge, I was really frustrated by it... but I am really pleasantly surprised by what I created! The challenge was to be your own judge. Requirements were to create a layout that had 3 good qualities, and 3 "critical" qualities in it. The title had to have the word "judge" in it and you had to have doodling, a quote, and a non-scrapbooking item on your page!! YIKES!!

So... I took a different spin on it and created a layout about how I judge my own scrapbooking layouts and how it is so easy to compare and judge to other designers. My non-scrapbook item was a tag from a brand called "Tape Measure"... I covered up the word tape and by adding some handwriting, created a tag that read "How do I (measure) up?" It was perfect!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scrap-Tastic American Idol Contest!

I decided to participate in the Scrap-Tastic American Idol Contest again this year and am loving it! Its fun to participate in the challenges and really gets you thinking outside the box! I did it last year and created some of my favorite layouts!! So far, I've made it to the top 10! Whoo-Hoo! Here are some of the layouts I've had to do so far....

Week 7: Product challenge - rock star style (I included leather, paint and metal)

Week 6: Design your own CD cover layout

Week 5: Scrapbook your diva demands (two page layout, include a circle)

Week 4: Choose a song title from the year you were born as your layout title

Week 3: Pattern layout after True Hollywood Story (Include at least 3 photos)

Week 2: Create a layout and choose a song from a list as title (include metal, star and stamping)

Week 1: Layout about your favorite music right now (Include chipboard and 10 buttons)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Contest deadline EXTENDED!!

Great news!! The deadline for entering the "Last Scrap Addict Standing" contest at Addicted Scrappers has been extended!! The new deadline will be Monday, April 21, so come and join us! We were experiencing some computer problems and unable to activate new member accounts, so if you were trying to join at Addicted Scrappers and had any problems, please try again. We would love for you to join us!

Friday, April 18, 2008

HUGE Contest at Addicted Scrappers!

Check out the new contest starting at Addicted Scrappers!!


So.... you think you can scrap?
Think you are the ultimate scrap addict?
Think you can outscrap your opponents to be the last scrap addict standing??

Then come join us at Addicted Scrappers for our biggest contest ever!! This will push your scrapping talent to the limit! Each week, you will be issued a challenge. These might be sketch challenges, ad-inspired challenges, or product challenges, whatever we can create to stretch your creativity! Your job will be to complete the challenge and upload your creation by the deadline the following week. Our design team and owners will vote and those left standing will move on to the next round. We will continue until we have only one left who will earn the title of being the "LAST SCRAP ADDICT STANDING"!!


The contest will begin Saturday, April 19 and end June 21.

This is a 10 week contest and you will need to complete each challenge each week in order to move to the next round. Depending on how many players we have participate will determine how many are eliminated each week. We will announce the elimination details after our first round.

There will also be occasional short bonus challenges randomly spaced throughout the contest which will award players immunity and a guarantee of moving onto the next round. Check into the message boards often to stay updated on these challenges.


In order to participate in the contest, you simply need to sign up at Addicted Scrappers. ( and submit one of your favorite layouts. This needs to be newly made within the last three months. Upload it to the gallery under Challenges- Last Scrap Addict Standing. This is your first challenge and your "audition"!!

DEADLINE is April 19- 6:00 CMT time. (Go to to convert your current time to CMT time. No late submissions will be accepted)

Once you have your first challenge uploaded, check the messageboards to see the players moving on!! That's it!


We have a fantastic prize for our final last scrap addict standing! The winner will get a prize package and be offered a position as a GAC for Addicted Scrappers for the month of August!!! WHOO-HOOO!!

So... what are you waiting for? Go get that layout uploaded and come join the fun and see if YOU can be the last scrapper standing!!